There are people who just light up a room and bring a lot of joy when they enter. Then there are those who bring joy to a room when they leave! Our very presence affects people and environments. Some speak of having an aura. We all know people in both those categories. We often play down how our own presence affects others. When a friend is hurting or grieving sometimes the very best you can do is just show up. No catchy phrases or deep words are necessary. Just having someone to be with you through a difficulty without offering advice can be life altering.

    Your presence can bring healing, comfort, and joy. Today’s verse tells us that there is joy in God’s presence. We often have a picture of a law enforcement officer walking in to disrupt a party when we think about God’s presence showing up. Somehow as if he has come to steal our joy and laughter we tend to cringe. We don’t have a good view of what happens when God shows up. There is a fullness of joy that surrounds him.

    So much of what we claim brings us joy is empty and futile often because it is based on what we have or our circumstances. The joy he gives us is based squarely on his deep love for us. We are told that our Heavenly Father delights in us, sings over us and even dances for joy over us! When you know him you’ll find he is the life of the party indeed. The closer you walk with him in this life the more joy bubbles over. Now go on and spread some joy and light up a room today wherever you go.


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