The Generous Life

     I think most people know that you will reap what you sow. Some call it Karma, what goes around comes around. Not only do most people know this for the most part they believe it to be true. If this was really the case then wouldn’t we only sow seeds of kindness, forgiveness, mercy, grace, etc?

     So often we end up sowing some bad juju and then we are shocked, enraged, even mortified when we get back a harvest of what we actually planted! In fact we believe this truth so much so that when somebody does us wrong we say it or at the very least think very loudly in our minds, “You deserve what’s coming to you.” That’s actually one of the things we love about action movies. The payback scenes are so powerful because we can all relate.

     Truth be told if we all got what we really deserved there would probably be way fewer people on this blue marble we call earth. Today’s verse focuses us on the positive aspects of being generous. We tell ourselves that once we get rich we will be generous but honestly we all know people with a lot of money who are stingy and so tight with their money that they squeak when they walk!

     Neither being poor nor rich is a sure sign that someone will be generous. Generous people are generous regardless of the amount of money they have. It’s a heart issue not a money issue. Can I say that again! It’s a heart issue! Here’s the fun part of being generous. You will find that you will be paid with more generosity. In others what you plant you will harvest. So since we all seem to believe this axiom why in heavens name are we not planting much more?

     Look around today and see if there is someone you can refresh with your generosity. Rest assured that the day you need refreshing yourself you will indeed receive it. #generosity #upsidedownkingdom #reapwhatyousow



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