I’m not the greatest gift giver. It’s just not one of my strengths. For our first wedding anniversary I gave my wife four beautiful rings. Well, they were made of rubber actually. Ok, tires, they were a set of new tires for our car. She kept going on and on about how the car needed new tires! I thought this is going to be a big hit! I drove up to her work to pick her up. When she got in the car I told her with great excitement that I had gotten her anniversary gift! She was so excited. She started looking around and finally I said, “It’s under the car.” So she opened the car door and looked underneath. She didn’t see anything and had a puzzled look on her face. “I got you four new tires for the car!” I announced with so much pride and a huge smile! Name brand tires too! Not the cheap stuff for my girl. Her reaction was not what I anticipated. It was a long, quiet ride home. What I thought for sure was going to be a home run ended up being a foul ball.

     Today’s verse reminds us that God is much better at giving gifts! It is actually one of his strengths. While our intentions may be good we often get it all wrong. God’s gifts come every day. His mercies are new every morning. The joy he gives us is unspeakable and full of glory. The peace he gives us passes all human comprehension. He gives us the gift of salvation in his Son, Jesus Christ. He gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit to all who ask. He gives us his favor, his blessings, his unconditional love. He sends down healing when we are sick. He sends restoration when we are broken. When it comes to gift giving we sometimes actually get it right but still our Heavenly Father is the best gift giver of all time! Never a foul ball! Me, on the other hand, I’m still trying.


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