Hope, when you think about it is hard to nail down exactly. It’s expecting something, usually good, to happen in a preferred future. As kids we were always hoping for the good gifts at birthdays and Christmas. As teenagers we hoped that cute girl or guy would notice us. As young adults we had hopes of getting a good job. As married couples we hope for our first home together and hope to start a family. Middle age comes with hopes of getting those kids through college, paying the mortgage and dreams of being empty nesters. As older adults we hope for a good retirement and good health to enjoy it all. Ultimately our hopes are usually based on our own hard work and expectations. When we talk about hope as described in the Word of God it’s something more powerful. Our hope is soundly based on the promises of God. We believe him because he has a long track record of delivering on his promises. It hard to place our hopes on someone who just never comes through. As we examine God’s promises throughout the Bible we see a pattern of faithfulness. We discover a God who loves us dearly and keeps his word to his children. It is a great comfort to know that when I place my hope in him I will never be disappointed.



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