My family knows that I am a Maxxinista. No, it’s not a new religion. It’s what they call someone who loves to shop regularly at TJ Maxx stores. The items they sell are very reasonably priced and their selections change often. So each each I go back looking for a good deal. One thing is sure, if you don’t get what you like when you see it chances are it won’t be there the next day. I don’t spend very much money but at least twenty dollars. I enjoy hunting for a good bargain and they have them all the time. I know it sounds like I’m one of their salesman but maybe I should ask for commission.

     I would be lying if I said shopping didn’t give me a boost. It does and I’m not ashamed to say it. There are so many ways people find to get that feeling of accomplishment or as a means of self care. We have sports, hobbies, crafts, shopping, and so much more. I am a firm believer in self care so you’ll get no flack from me. Today’s verse tells us that we can find refreshing in God. It is he who restores us, re-energizes us, builds us up, encourages us. Life has a way of beating us down through our work schedules, family commitments, life goals, and just plain living can really drain us. So thankful that I have someone that I can go to each day for refreshing, for restoration, for fresh insight. While I am still going shopping for a bargain I want to make sure it never displaces the one who is my true source for refreshing.


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