We’ve all had friends growing up. We did crazy things with our friends. Once we convinced one of our friends he could jump over a church sign which we did all the time. Of course when he tried it he broke his ankle and limped his way home. We didn’t know better because we were goofy kids. Well those goofy kids grow up and hopefully if our friends survived they did too! Now we are all goofy adults. 

     Accountability is something that is so often lacking in relationships. True friends are the ones who love you enough to call you out when you’ve done something wrong. They know you’ll get mad at them but they also know your friendship is strong enough to weather the storm. They want the best for you. They want you to succeed. True friends won’t try to convince you to do something dumb. True friends will steer you in the right path. They are reliable, dependable, and often irreplaceable. They are genuine gifts in your life. As we grow older and we’ve all gone in different directions it’s nice to have friends you haven’t seen in a long while but when you do you pick up in conversation as if you were never apart.

     Thank God for those kind of good friends. They are very special indeed.


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