On my way to a meeting I decided to stop for lunch at one of my favorite bbq joints. They have the best bbq poboys that are so juicy and delicious. I forgot just how juicy until I looked down at my shirt and saw I had several stains on it. At first I felt awful because I had somehow missed those beautiful drops of delicious bbq goodness. Then I remembered my upcoming meeting!

    I didn’t have another shirt nor did I have anything to wipe the stains off. I was able to cover a couple of stains with my name badge wishing it was a lot larger. Thankfully no one mentioned the stains on my shirt either because they were too nice to say anything or they just didn’t notice. It may also have been the design of the shirt that helped camouflage my sloppiness.

    Regardless, it was on my mind the whole time. Could they see them? Was I hiding it good enough? Why was my name badge in a weird place? Sin is like that. It leaves a stain called guilt and shame. We try to hide it, mask it, hope others can’t see it, but somehow it’s always on our minds.

    Two things are needed. One is to change the outward evidence and second is to change the behavior that led to the stain in the first place. I’m so glad that God is able to help me do both. He can transform me both inside and out. He alone can blot out my sins. He alone can cause an inner transformation so I sin less. He removes the shame and the guilt when I put my whole trust in him.

    Staying connected to him through his word is like wearing a bib so I don’t get those stains anymore. Changing my shirt is the easy part. Changing how I eat a delicious bbq poboy is a completely different task that will take more time and effort especially when I’m really hungry!


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