Languages can be so difficult to master. There are over 7,000 languages spoken in our world today! I thought I was doing good by being bi-lingual! The crazy thing is that all languages are evolving because they are living and dynamic. They are constantly changing. I need a second cup of coffee just to let that all sink in.

    There is no need to be anxious about it all because there actually is one universal language. It’s called LOVE. It transcends all races and nationalities. It is understood by the youngest and the oldest. The rich and poor alike cannot truly exist without it. Life is extremely dull and boring if we aren’t both receiving it and giving it away.

    Without love we’re just a bunch of noise makers. Man, those things are really annoying. The universal language of love is understood best through our actions. Even the smallest acts of selfless giving is love. Making a meal for a shut-in, or a neighbor recovering from an illness is love. Paying for someone else’s groceries or for the food at the drive up window for family behind you is love.

    Giving someone a ride to work when their car is broken is love. Sometimes we say they are random acts of kindness. But it is love. If you want to learn a new language learn well the language of love. It’s way less noisy and no second cup of coffee needed.


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