Walking in the Spirit sounds so mystical and ethereal. In reality it is simply learning to obey God’s Word on a daily basis. It sounds pretty easy but that’s where the problem comes in because our very nature wants to do its own thing and go it’s own way. We are fiercely independent, headstrong, strong willed, and most importantly self destructive.

    After having lost weight, exercising, eating right, and feeling great I was terribly disappointed to hear the Doctor tell me my numbers weren’t too good. My heart sank at those words and then she said, “It’s in your genes.” In the same way we can do all the right things but there is something deep inside each one of us that can only be transformed by the Spirit of God. It’s a game changer.

    I’m learning to rely and rest on the Holy Spirit to lead and guide me daily. I’m less concerned that He is with me than I am with making sure I’m following His lead. I want to walk where He leads. I want to speak His words into life’s sticky situations. I want to lean heavily on Him to guard my thoughts as well as my tongue.

    Learning to walk in the Spirit is a happy, lifelong journey and one which I am determined to follow until He calls me home.


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