There is something special about being invited for dinner especially when someone else is picking up the tab! Now imagine if the owner of the restaurant said you were welcome to come whenever you wanted, dine to your hearts content and you would never have to pay! Game changer! Your life would be different.

    At first you would probably go slow going once a week just to test it out, see if it’s true. Then maybe you would go a couple times a week until you get comfortable enjoying the amazing food and drink! Each time the owner comes out to greet you and is genuinely delighted that you have taken him up on his offer. You begin to feel like part of his family. You begin to relax and enjoy yourself. You start to walk a little straighter because you feel very special.

    Now each time you go you look forward not to the free meal but to the owners delight as he comes to greet and embrace you like a dear old friend. You relish in his embrace. You look forward to that moment when everyone else in the place oohs and ahs wondering who this person could be that the owner welcomes regularly with joy and gladness.

    What started out as a place to get a free meal has now become a place where you are fully embraced, accepted, loved, even celebrated. God himself is offering you an invitation today to come and fill your weary longing heart with the only real thing that will truly satisfy. He wants to sit and dine with you. He wants to love and celebrate you. He wants to lovingly embrace you as his child. Don’t worry because he has already picked up the tab.


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