Many of us as kids wished that we could be invisible. It would be so much fun. Then we grew up and our true nature began to surface. We wanted to be the exact opposite of invisible. We wanted to be famous. We wanted to have name recognition. We wanted people to instantly know who we were.

    Popularity meant worth, wealth, influence, likability. The disciples of Jesus were no different. James and John asked for positions of power in Christ’s kingdom. The others were indignant probably because they didn’t have the gumption to ask.

    Jesus didn’t rebuke them but instead told them how to achieve their goal: become a servant. It’s not what they wanted to hear. The servant was a nobody. They had no rights or privileges. They had no wealth or influence. The best way to be a great servant was to not be noticed at all. Wash your masters hands and feet. Bring your master his food. Wait on your master for every whim. Do it all without complaining or grumbling. In other words be invisible.

    You want to grow in your walk of Faith? Be one who serves without fanfare, without posting about it on Social Media, without seeking attention. Serve your Lord Jesus Christ by serving others with quietness and humility, with joy and gladness for the opportunity to do so. Become the invisible servant. Your Father sees and he will reward you at the right time.


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