In order to safely and with any sort of confidence walk in dark places you must allow time for your eyes to become accustomed to the darkness. It is so much easier to walk when the path is well lit. Light offers safety, security, and confidence. Our steps are sure. Our minds are at ease. The best way to walk down dark streets is by holding on to the hand of someone who knows the way and has a very bright light!

    Jesus came into our dark, scary world to bring us a light and to show us the way. Once we have discovered his amazing light of love and forgiveness we are told to go back into the darkness with our light and start leading the others out of that darkness. We remember how awful and painful it was living in that foul blackness, stumbling along trying to find our way.

    We remember the fear, the hopelessness, the anxiety and trepidation. We remember feeling alone, abandoned, and forgotten. We also remember the day we saw someone who had a light. We remember how our hearts soared with hope and joy when they began to lead us out of darkness into a new world of glory! We remember that feeling of euphoria when we finally found the Source of light and he gave us our own.

    Now our way is clear and here’s the crazy thing about it all. Our way leads us back into dark places but not to live there but rather to find family, friends, and fellow man to lovingly show them our light and lead them to the true Source of all lights, Jesus.


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