God is love. So it seems weird to say that he is also a God of battle. Nothing gets my blood boiling faster than someone dissing my wife or kids. The lion in me will rage with severity against any who hurt my family but other than that I’m pretty mild mannered. God battles on our behalf because of his great love for us. He fights for us.

    He goes to war to push back any credible threat that arises against us. He is my defender. He is my strong shield. He is for me. He is my tower of refuge. Nothing will get God moving faster to a struggle than when his children cry out for aid. I am encouraged knowing he loves me.

    I am humbled knowing he likes me. I am overwhelmed seeing he delights in me. I am moved to tears knowing my daddy God sings over me. I am filled with awe and wonder when I know he dances and rejoices when I am triumphant. To know a God who celebrates over me is too wonderful for words.

    Be careful not to poke one of God’s children! You don’t want to arouse a mighty warrior. The Lion of the tribe of Judah has triumphed on my behalf! This thought fills me with great joy!


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